Villages of the Darned
They weren't totally evil,
nor were they particularly virtuous
but their incompetence, deceit, snake oil, and intimidation
made them the "Villages of the Darned
Some Stories

Coming Sometime...
  • 1. What the County Sold
        to the Community
  • 2. Initial Success - 15 projects!
  • 3. The 1st Chair:
          "I am in Charge"
       - Useful projects flee
  • 4. The "Amphitheater" Bungle
  • 5. Selecting the Second Chair
  • 6. Bylaw Update Fiasco!
  • 7. Appointing the Cronies
  •    - Talk, Talk, Talk...
  • 8. Rigging the 2008 Election
  • 9. Hiding the Minutes

... and who knows what new shenanigans they'll come up with!

The County Commissioners don't seem to care:
No law suit?
No worry!...

These bullies won’t respond to reason,
but they do respond to ridicule.

The names are changed to protect the innocent!

<= Villages Fumbles:
Self Deceiving Hype
Villages Fumbles:
What They Needed To Ask!

Villages Fumbles:
Questions weren't useful for the Community

October 9, 2012

Only Namby Pamby questions...

So, no hard, local questions, useful to the community, were asked, the entire hour came down to:

  1. Federal budget shortfall, what is the County going to do?
    Well, there went 1/3 of the time.
    So, "who you going to call (Ghost Busters!)" to pay?
  2. why don't you spend big (non-existing) bucks to have satellite county offices?
    (one spouse noted that this was a bad idea:
     they liked going to Oregon City to get away from their spouse for a while)
  3. Who is going to shovel the Govy sidewalks now that the LID swiping Fire District money has built them?
  4. Some of us have been talking about a pharmacy for 3-4 years, why don't you pay to have one here for us?
  5. Why no information to Govy folk about Meadows/USFS land trade?
  6. We had a robbery and some graffiti here, why aren't you spending more on sheriff to to keep me safe (but I don't want any more taxes)?
  7. Why don't you pay big bucks so we can have a pharmacy for our tiny group.  Just because Sandy is real close and it doesn't pencil out well.....?
  8. The building inspector requires me to have permits, etc and actually comes on my property to look at what I'm doing!, why don't you lean on them to let me "do my thing"?

and, finally, with none of the Darned folk willing to ask anything more, a Politico asked:

    1. why won't you support solving PERS problem?

Yep, that's about it. the sheer lost opportunity?

They weren't totally evil,
nor were they particularly virtuous,
but their incompetence, deceit, snake oil, and intimidation
made them the
Villages of the Darned

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